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Honeymoon Australia, Fiji & South Pacific

Whether you’re combining your wedding and honeymoon to maximise your time in a spectacular, tropical destination or simply want to celebrate the start of your new life with one another in a magical place, honeymoon packages are the easiest way to plan something special and spend some quality time with each other.

Unlike many other costs associated with weddings, your honeymoon doesn’t need to cost a fortune in order to create special memories with each other. You can still enjoy romance and relaxation at a variety of resorts for couples and honeymooners at an affordable price. Best of all, we’ve used our extensive industry knowledge to select some of the most special places for your special holiday.

Deciding on the right honeymoon destination can be a challenge. You’ll be creating memories to last a lifetime, so you want it to be perfect but with some many options available for a variety of budgets, it can seem a little overwhelming when you’re also trying to plan a wedding. To help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled the top honeymoon holiday destinations in Australia and the South Pacific.

In Australia, Queensland is the most popular destination for honeymoons and that’s really no surprise when you consider the state is home to the beautiful Queensland Islands, the famous Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays, the charming coastal town of Port Douglas as well as the romantic hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. A little further south in New South Wales, the Hunter Valley is a gorgeous wine region perfect for snuggling up.

The pristine beaches and warm crystal waters of the South Pacific are perfect for a relaxing, romantic honeymoon. From the friendly people of Fiji and the rugged beauty of Vanuatu to the unspoilt Cook Islands, there are plenty of tropical destinations for your romantic escape. A little closer to home, New Zealand is a breathtaking country that strikes the perfect balance between romance and adventure.

Such an individual experience, we pride ourselves on catering for couples with all kinds of interests. Whether you want an adults only resort or are chasing adventure, our honeymoon holiday packages offer a variety of experiences and best of all, they’re fully customisable to ensure your romantic honeymoon escape is truly reflective of you.

Honeymoon & Wedding Options

Top Honeymoon Package Deals

Honeymoon Package DealsUnlike most costs associated with weddings, your honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank. With honeymoon holiday packages, you can enjoy some excellent savings as well as taking the hassle out of trying to arrange and book everything needed for the trip of a lifetime.

Recommended Honeymoon Destions

Recommended Honeymoon Destions - Cook IslandsFrom the tropics of Northern Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef to the cosy country charm of the Hunter Valley, Australia offers a wealth of honeymoon holiday destinations. The islands of the South Pacific offer a romantic, remote atmosphere as well as some of the most incredible natural environments on islands like Fiji, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World
Top Honeymoon Destinations in the WorldThe world is a big, beautiful place and it’s just waiting for you to explore together. Whether it’s sipping champagne in the Paris the city of love, dancing the salsa in passion-filled South America or snuggling up in the snow in Canada, there are some truly beautiful and unique honeymoon holiday destinations throughout the world.

Top 10 honeymoon Destinations in Australia
Top 10 honeymoon Destinations in AustraliaAustralia is a vast country of striking landscapes that differ greatly from state to state. From the tropics of Queensland to the charming wine country of New South Wales and the rugged beauty of the Northern Territory’s outback, there are a breathtaking range of Australian honeymoon destinations to suit any couple.

Getting Married in Fiji and Australia
Getting Married in FijiFrom the dress to the flowers, the cake and the venue, there’s just so much to think about when it comes to getting married, not least of all is all the legal stuff. Whether you’re tying the knot here in Australia or saying I do on the beaches of Fiji, arm yourself with plenty of information to ensure getting hitched goes off without a hitch.


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